Capturing Summer Fun: High School Seniors in Castle Rock

What says summertime more than a wedge of watermelon? Our latest senior rep photoshoot revolved around all things summer. I’ll save the rest for another blog post, but we had a great time with just a few slices of watermelon, I thought these images deserved their own feature!

When I told the girls I had brought watermelon, they all reacted positively, saying they agreed it could be cute. But when I gave them some fun sunglasses and handed them a slice, some serious personality came out. I didn’t need to pose or coach or even suggest what they should do.

Sarah went first and provided some serious attitude and sass. Taylor and Emma were peaking at my preview screen from behind, gushing already about how amazing Sarah looked and how cute the pictures were going to be. Emma took a turn and embodied everything we are all feeling about the arrival of summer. Her shots were carefree and fun and I loved that she couldn’t resist eating her slice of watermelon. Taylor was up next and I captured her sweet smiles and gorgeous eyes with a few closeups.

These are just a few of the amazing shots we got with a few slices of watermelon… it’s made me hope that every senior this summer will include some kind of prop in their senior portrait sessions. Having a prop to interact with opens up a whole new set of poses, expressions and gives you something to do with your hands, which creates a more natural vibe. I’d love to brainstorm any ideas with my seniors- what ideas do you have? Would love to hear in the comments!

June 9, 2024


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